One Promise You Must Keep

It’s rolling round to the time of year when we reflect on what was and prepare for what’s to come. Attached to that thought, we start making promises, i.e. resolutions, to ourselves. Many of our promises don’t last more than a couple weeks into the new year. Often that is...
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Practice Tips: Special Consideration for Seniors

The field of Energy Medicine includes an assortment of treatments that can benefit all age groups including the elderly. Depending upon the type of Energy Medicine you practice and your business goals, you might want to consider expanding your services to include a range of age groups, if you have...
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Are Online Directories Right for You? Here are 5 good reasons

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 16Promoting a business doesn’t have to be the expensive proposition it once was. Technology now offers easy-to-use software, and online resources are often inexpensive, or even free. So, while more costly marketing activities and advertising channels suit the needs of large organizations, small business owners and independent practitioners can find their marketing efforts satisfied using promotional platforms that work with modest marketing budgets. This is an ideal situation for energy healers who want to maintain a visible profile for themselves, but at a practical price.

One of the quickest and simplest ways for energy healers to get exposure for their businesses and services is through online directories. Many directory listings are free, and some have a reasonable fee, often with additional services or promotion included. Listings help build brand awareness and allow potential clients to find a private practice more easily than through a commercial listing (e.g. Yellow Pages.)

While there are numerous benefits to listing online, here are five motivating reasons to start adding your business to online directories:

Target Your Market

There are numerous directories that exclusively feature energy healers just like you. Imagine, your listing being seen by potential clients who are only looking for someone with your unique gifts. It’s savvy marketing that you will want to leverage!

Smart Use of Marketing Dollars

Depending on the type of directory and listing you want for your practice, the cost of a listing ranges from little to no cost up to a couple hundred dollars. Deciding where you want to list is important since you want to reach your target market. You will want to research which directories would be best for you. Where do you ideal clients go online? List there. Review listing sites by exploring their advertised services and look through the directory of energy healers already featured and determine which sites align with you and your practice.

Get Exposure

With the shift to remote work, more practitioners are maintaining a web presence, and online directories become even more relevant. Embedding trackable links to your website from the directory listings makes it easy for potential clients to find you. By listing in multiple directories, you increase the chances of being seen by more people, and likely get more visitors to your website.

Get Found

Consider the value of the exposure you get with multiple listings. Not only are the odds of being seen by prospective clients increased, you step up your online presence. Numerous listings mean your internet “footprint” increases. The keywords that you use in directory listings can boost online search results in your favor, so you increase the probability that your listings will appear at the top of internet searches. Useful keywords may include your city or town, one or more specific modalities you use, and symptoms or challenges clients may be searching to find relief. Using multiple types of keywords increases the chances that someone looking for what you do in your area finds you at the top of their search results.

Build Credibility

Then there is the credibility that you build. Hosts of some online directories specialize in listing practitioners in the energy medicine field. They are looked upon as reputable sources for the consumer and as such, seek to sustain credible and helpful listings for their customers.

You might be wondering what information you should include in your directory listings, aside from name, practice and contact information? Of course, some of that depends on required fields in the directories that you use, but you should make a point of including the following:

  • Description of your practice including your point of difference
  • Visuals including your logo and pictures of yourself and/or images that reflect your healer’s vision
  • Website link. Use a tracking link that can follow activity from specific listings to your website.

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A How-to Guide for Responding to Negative Client Reviews and Comments

Many practitioners fear negative client reviews or comments without realizing these types of comments can actually have a positive effect on their practice. Bad reviews are a fact of business- it’s tough to please all your clients all of the time. Even the world’s best companies get the occasional bad...
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Jetty looking out to sunSpring is a season of transition shifting from dormancy to promise. This year in particular, we are ready to embrace both new and returning passages into our lives. While we welcome positive change, we might not always take the time to notice the subtle (or sometimes, not so subtle) signs telling us we are on the right path.

In an article featured in Energy Magazine, author Cyndi Dale, energy medicine practitioner, shares her thoughts about the signs that manifest around us. These messages affirm the opportunities in front of us advising they are “less about the influences than they are about our internal posturing and attitude.” Cyndi also points out the importance of signs when we are dealing with an important decision in our lives.

By intentionally asking for signs to help us in decision-making, we use our own intuitive powers which in itself is very healing. Now, as the nation opens up allowing us to rejoin and explore the world around us once again, remain watchful.

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Risk Management Mindfulness: Conduct a Marketing Self-Audit

Your online presence remains an important part of your marketing practices and a resource you want to leverage. Keeping in mind that you want to promote your services, yet not misinform, you need to sustain a balance of informative content and compliance with your marketing efforts. The Federal Trade Commission...
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Sing Your Praises with a Professional Appearing Bio

Our websites speak for us. With the shift towards remote work, your website is likely the first contact a potential client would have with you. Now, it is even more critical that you have a website that represents you. If you are limited in time and unable to devote a...
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1-2-3 Ways to Overcome Objections

Marketing challenges you to be prepared in promoting your business using numerous approaches. It is a matter of timing. You might have people immediately respond to a marketing campaign and contact you. Or it might be someone who has been receiving your promotional material for a while who reaches out....
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5 Steps Closer to Daily Self-Care

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 13The current issue of Energy Magazine has some wonderful articles about self-care from our insightful writers. From Carving Out Small Moments of Self-Care by Mari McCarthy to Winter Self-Care Tips from Robyn Youkillis, you can learn new ways to self-care and determine which ones would work best for you.

However, even before you begin assessing which self-care routine fits your lifestyle, you might first want to give thought to how to make a self-care routine a daily practice. The following five-step process is an effective way to place you on the path of self-care and permanently stay on it:

  1. Add joy into your life. Self-care is meant to satisfy your soul, and we each have something different that fulfills us and adds joy. Think about the things that bring joy into your life. Do you have a color that gladdens your heart or a little trinket that makes you smile? Whatever brings you joy, write down what is meaningful to you. Consider these happiness triggers and life’s pleasures you want to manifest for yourself.
  2. Make your happiness triggers a part of your daily life. For example, if you are calmed by the color blue, then think of ways to surround yourself with this color. If you love the scent of lavender, set up a diffuser in your home or office with the scent. The goal is to find something pleasurable to add into your life but make it effortless or else you won’t do it.
  3. Establish self-care goals. While experiencing simple pleasures is gratifying on its own, you also want to create self-care goals. Once you have selected a self-care routine to add into your daily life, next, you will want to create some goals for yourself. What do you hope to gain from the new routine? How often and when will you perform the routine? If a behavior adjustment is required as part of your new self-care regimen (for example, you want to minimize use of technology), it might take some adjustments and time until you reach a desired goal.
  4. Evaluate self-care after a week. Once you’ve established a new self-care routine, experience it for a week then assess how you feel. Do you think you’ve achieved any positive benefits? Do you think you can maintain the new practice for a while? Give yourself time to reflect, and if it makes sense to you, continue with it over the next month.
  5. Adjust your self-care behaviors as your needs change. What’s important to you as a daily or weekly routine can evolve and change over time.  As the term implies, self-care is about you. So, if at a certain point of time, you feel it is more a bother than a benefit to maintain a certain routine, then eliminate it. It could mean your needs have changed, and it’s time to find some other behavior that supports you.

Self-care shouldn’t be a chore, and if it is then maybe you haven’t found a routine that best suits you. Daily self-care is meant to rejuvenate and balance yourself. With it, you can have an inner sense of peace and calm to face the day ahead. For energy practitioners, self-care can heighten your self-awareness, enabling you to approach your work with greater gratitude, compassion, and authenticity. Let’s get started!

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What’s in a Name: Leverage Your Affiliations Marketing A Membership Badge

If you are a sole practitioner or an energy medicine group of practitioners, your name and reputation are among the most influential qualities of your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is likely your most effective marketing tool; nothing can be more powerful than someone we know providing us with an enthusiastic recommendation....
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