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Welcome to EMPA, your gateway to unparalleled insurance services tailored exclusively for energy practitioners and holistic practitioners. Established in 2008 by a team of visionary practitioners, EMPA was born out of a burning desire to fill the crucial niche of insurance catered specifically to energy medicine and holistic practitioners. Our unwavering mission revolves around safeguarding and empowering energy practitioners, ensuring they can thrive in their passion while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage.

Beyond insurance, we are committed to fostering a community of professionals dedicated to their craft, emphasizing safe practice and elevating the standards of professionalism. At EMPA, we go beyond just protecting your practice; we elevate it to new heights through continuous education and unwavering support. Join us in this transformative journey and embrace the future of energy practice with confidence and assurance.

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15+ Years of Service

Embarking on its journey in 2009, the Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA) stands as a direct response to the heartfelt desires of professionals like you. It all began when the Healing Touch Professional Association members voiced their number one need - get professional liability insurance specific to the field of Energy Medicine. EMPA brings you a robust insurance infrastructure, freeing you to channel your energy into what truly matters – your clients.

Fueled by the desire to safeguard practices and elevate standards, EMPA's origins trace back to the fortification of insurance provisions for practitioners. This initial milestone marked merely the opening chapter of a grander narrative. Driven by an unyielding commitment to unity and shared growth among diverse energy healing modalities, EMPA expanded its embrace to encompass a vibrant spectrum of practitioners.

Our 15-year legacy shines as a beacon of distinction, championing the mission to cultivate professionalism, ensure practice protection, and impart invaluable education focused on safe practice. Through this ongoing journey, we continue to empower energy healers, holistic practitioners, and coaches, fostering a community where credibility thrives, and aspirations evolve.

✦ What Drives Us ✦

Our Vision

Raising professionalism and creditability through practice protection and education.

Real People

We're Nothing Like Those Typical Insurance Folks: No stiff suits or jargon-filled conversations.

Instead, we're a close-knit group of passionate practitioners and insurance experts with a big dream: to give energy healing the recognition it deserves in healthcare and to see healers like you not only succeed but set new standards of professionalism.

We are Real People Who've Got Your Back! Think of us as your fellow journeyers. We're not just about policies and paperwork; we're here to truly understand and uplift you.

Because your needs are our needs, plain and simple. We offer the exact protection we'd demand for our own practices.

Our Process



Lisa Mentgen-Gordon
Founder EMPA

Lisa Gordon, founder of EMPA, recognized the importance of practitioners to have access to affordable liability insurance and resources to help them grow their energy or holistic practice. She believes that practice safety is key to growing your client base and protecting your business. 

Lisa is the daughter of Janet Mentgen, founder of Healing Touch, and she took her first Healing Touch class in 1994 and now is the CEO of Healing Touch Program. She believes that people have the right to choose their paths to health and wellness and that energy work is key to bringing balance to health. 

Lisa has years of experience creating educational programs,  marketing and graphics that she uses to support our members. 

In her personal world, she's a passionate backyard vegetable gardening, vegan cooking, and event photography. She is grateful for her husband Chris and is a proud mom to three exceptional kids.

Katherine Krupka
EMPA Executive Director

Like many in the natural healing world, Katherine came to this field as a result of her personal health and life-purpose crisis. Good fortune dropped her in the hands of some of the leading holistic healers and teachers, who, in addition to helping resolve her health challenges, also started Katherine on her way to learning and being able to help others.

It is Katherine's mission and her joy to help people achieve vibrant states of wellness on physical, emotional and energetic levels and to fully express their very best in all aspects of life.

She loves to learn and to share knowledge with others, and she is on a permanent quest to deepen her skills and learn new ways to help her clients.

Ann Darmstetter
EMPA Administrator

Ann Darmstetter is an administrative assistant for EMPA, bringing over a decade of dedicated service since 2010. Additionally, she serves as the Director of Services on the Healing Touch Program leadership team. Ann takes great pride in providing exceptional support to our members, and she resides in San Antonio, Texas. Passionate about family, friends, staying active, and continuous learning, she embraces a well-rounded approach to life.

Julie Bartrum
Executive Assistant

Julie spent over 25 years in corporate marketing before joining EMPA and is also a licensed healthcare insurance agent. She finds great career fulfillment in offering her years of experience to support EMPA’s executive staff. While not a practitioner, Julie is dedicated to supporting energy medicine and holistic professionals as they build their businesses and share their skills.

She now lives in her small, rural hometown in Ohio after 35 years in New York City and Philadelphia and spends her time caring for her family and her animals. She enjoys gardening and reading when not working on projects for EMPA members.

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