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 What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance protects your practice if you make a mistake. Professional liability insurance, also called Professional Indemnity Insurance, protects professional practitioners against potential negligence claims made by their patients/clients. Professional liability insurance may take on different names depending on the profession. For example, professional liability insurance in reference to the medical profession may be called Medical Malpractice and some refer to it as errors & omissions .

The primary reason for professional liability coverage is that a typical general liability insurance policy will only respond to a bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury claim. The above-mentioned professional services can cause claims without causing a bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. Common reasons alleged in making claims on these policies are negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice. Professional Liability Insurance protects you against covered claims arising from real or alleged errors or omissions, including negligence, in the course of your professional duties.

Here are some examples of claims you may face:

  • ​Failure to refer to traditional/ conventional care
  • ​Practicing forms of alternative medicine/CAM modalities without proper training
  • ​​Crossing boundaries (e.g., touch vs. non touch, issues of confidentiality and privacy)
  • ​​Use of “intuition,” “channeling” or other sources of non-medical information can potentially be categorized by a client (or jury) as fraudulent, deceptive, manipulative, or misleading
  • ​​Practicing medicine without a license by a state medical (or other pertinent regulatory) board
  • ​​Improper use of an informed consent, not clearly describing the risks and benefits for spiritual practices
  • ​​Advertising of services to be perceived as misleading, untruthful, fraudulent, or deceptive

You work hard every day to deliver the best services, but you’re human, and mistakes happen. Professional liability insurance can help provide peace of mind if or when an error occurs!

Professional liability doesn’t cover everything.

Professional liability does have its limitations. This type of insurance doesn’t cover:

  • ​Malicious, dishonest, criminal or illegal acts
  • ​Copyright, patent or trademark infringement
  • ​Bodily injury or physical injury (This is covered with a General Liability Policy)
  • ​​Property damage to a space you rent (This is covered in a Property Rented Policy)

 What does general liability insurance cover?

General liability covers a lot of common issues that you might run into, particularly if you work on client properties or interact with clients on a day-to-day basis. Basically, this essential insurance policy covers bodily damage, property damage that were caused by your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • ​Slip/trip and fall incident - in your office or in the client's home
  • ​Property damage caused by direct or indirect actions by you

 What would having a personal Professional Liability Insurance Plan give me?

In the event of a lawsuit, your own Professional Liability Insurance policy would:

  • ​Provide you with an experienced attorney
  • ​Pay all reasonable costs incurred in the defense or investigation of a covered claim
  • ​Pay court costs and settlements in addition to the limits of liability

 Why should I consider an individual Professional Liability Insurance Plan from EMPA?

All the plans offered by EMPA are tailored specifically for Energy Medicine and holistic professionals to meet their unique needs. Obtaining this coverage through EMPA assures you that you will have service by staff who are informed and understand your professional needs. Also, EMPA will always be advocating for you while continually striving to stay at the forefront of our rapidly growing profession, bringing you tips and updates, as well as offering expanding business resources and support.

 Doesn’t my employer provide me with Professional Liability coverage?

While many employers (not all) will provide some Professional Liability coverage, chances are that coverage may have some serious gaps, including:

  • ​Policy limits may not be high enough to protect you.
  • ​You may not be covered outside of the workplace, such as when you engage in volunteer or part-time work.
  • ​You may not be covered for suits filed after you have terminated your employment.

 What do I do if I have a claim?

No one wants to have a liability claim, but they do happen, and that is one reason you have purchased liability insurance. When an incident happens that could become a claim, be sure to give prompt notice of the potential claim to the insurance carrier by contacting the EMPA office (210) 960-8807 and we will forward the information to the insurance carrier.

 After I have stopped practicing, am I still covered?

If your policy was in effect at the time of the incident, you are covered under our policy.

Application and Renewal Process

  How do I apply for Insurance?

Simply fill out our online application. After you have finished filling it out, you can choose to pay online or mail in a payment. Applications cannot be processed until payment has been received. To start your simple application process, just visit our online application. If everything is in order, the insurance is effective the following day and your proof of insurance will be emailed to you.

 What are the eligibility requirements for EMPA membership?

To become an EMPA member you must fit the following criteria: (see Policy exclusions and limitations)

  • ​Scope of practice includes Energy Medicine activities which are described as the evaluation and manipulation of the human energy field, using the client's or practitioner's energy field to effect a change in the client’s energy field and overall mental emotional physical or spiritual health. Life and health coaching, hypnosis and other verbal modalities are considered within the scope of covered Energy Medicine activities. (See our list of commonly accepted modalities)
  • ​Must be a US resident. A remote practice may include clients outside the US, but the practitioner must reside and provide service from the US. US citizenship is not required.

 How do I renew my policy?

Renewing your policy is quick and easy! Simply log into your member profile and select the renew option. Be sure to update any information that may have changed. Payment can be made online, or print your invoice and mail it in.

  When will my insurance go into effect?

Assuming all the required information is in order, your membership and insurance go into effect the day it is processed, usually within 48 hours of your application and will be in effect for one full year from that date.

  What exactly does my liability insurance cover?

The occurrence form liability policy that EMPA provides to qualified members covers the member's practice for professional liability (client alleges malpractice), general liability (client alleges injury/accident due to member's negligence), and product liability (client alleges reaction to product). The insurer will also defend you if someone sues you alleging your wrongdoing in covered losses. Start enjoying the benefits of EMPA Membership, and join today!

 Can I change my level of coverage after I have purchased coverage?

Yes. If you have purchased either the standard or professional level of coverage and you wish to upgrade your coverage to a higher level, you may do so at any time. You will simply be charged the difference between the coverage you have already purchased and the price of the new policy.

Membership Levels available:

  • ​Standard: Coverage suited for Energy Medicine students and part-time practitioners working less than 6 hours per week. Allows for classes or sessions with up to 9 in-person participants. No participation limits for online sessions or classes.
  • ​Professional: Coverage for Energy Medicine practitioners working more than 6 hours per week up to full-time practice. Allows for classes or sessions with up to 9 in-person participants. No participation limits for online sessions or classes.
  • ​Premium : Coverage for any practitioner working with large, in-person groups with over 9 participants. Allows for classes or sessions with 1-99 in-person participants. No participation limits for online sessions or classes.

  How do I get my certificate of insurance?

Once your application has been approved we will e-mail your certificate to the e-mail address used on your application. If needed, we can also mail your certificate to you.

  If I lose my certificate of coverage, what do I do?

If you misplace your certificate of coverage, just call or email us and we will be able to mail or e-mail you a copy, free of charge. Your certificate of coverage is your proof that you have liability coverage.

  How long does it take to process my application?

Once we have received your application it may take up to a week to process and e-mail your certificate of coverage to you. Typically it takes only a few days to complete the process. If you have an urgent need to have a certificate sooner, let us know when you send in your application and we will do everything possible to expedite the process for you.

  What can I do if I don't have certificates of training?

We understand that many modalities don’t issue certificates, or are naturally developed gifts. If you have taken a workshop in the past, any documentation proving that will be accepted. If you have any sort of class participation certificate that will be accepted as well. If you do not have this documentation, we recommend that you get in touch with the place of instruction and request documentation. If you have any further questions or concern, please feel free to contact us.

  Why do you require training certificates?

Our insurance provider requires us to ensure you have training for each of the modalities you are requesting coverage for. If a claim were to arise, the insurance provider would want you training documents to show that you are competent to practice the specific modality in question.

  Can I cancel my policy and get a refund?

Once your application has been approved, we are unable to offer any refunds on your policy. The insurance issues you a certificate which is good for the entire period of time specified on it, so refunds are not available for this insurance.

My Practice

  Do I need insurance if I am a student?

Liability insurance protects you from any incidents or claims that may occur as a result of your energy work. As a student or volunteer, there’s always some risk that someone with whom you interact will be dissatisfied or is injured. Even if you are not at fault, without Professional Liability insurance, you would have to pay for your own legal defense and any potential settlement costs. For such a small cost for coverage, it is worth the peace of mind.

  One of the modalities I practice is not listed on your site; can I have coverage for that modality?

Our list of modalities is broad, however we realize that there may be other modalities that fall into the categories that we are able to cover. If a modality that you use in your practice is not on our list, please contact our office to see if we can cover it.

  I travel a great deal; will I be covered when I am away from my office or home?

Your liability coverage is good any place you work, such as an office, on site, seminar, convention, healthcare facility, spa, home and anywhere you travel in the United States.

  I work under a business name. Is my business covered?

The certificate of insurance is issued in the practitioner's legal name. Your business is only covered under your professional liability policy for liabilities arising from your covered professional activities. A business is generally considered a separate entity. The only coverage provided to a separate entity under this policy would be liability arising from the covered professional activities of the individual who is insured.

  Why would I add an additional insured?

If you are sued, the person or company named as an additional insured would be included in the defense. A Certificate of Additional Insured specifically includes the named person or entity in the coverage for liabilities arising from the professional activities of the individual that is insured according to the terms of the written contract between the insured and the additional insured. The contract must outline the responsibilities and liabilities of each of the parties involved in order to be effective.

Adding an additional insured gives that person or entity defense coverage under the general liability portion of your policy to the extent they suffer a loss as a result of the practitioner's actions. This may be a temporary arrangement (workshop or event) or more permanent circumstance, such as a tenant in a commercial building adding the landlord, or a member of a healing clinic adding the clinic.

  Can I add my spouse or employees to my policy?

Spouses and employees are covered for liability arising from YOUR activities as a professional practitioner and do not need to be added separately. Spouses and employees are not covered individually, but only for claims arising from the actions of the insured.

*If your spouse or employee is also working with clients in the business, they would need their own policy to cover their professional liability.

  I work out of my home. Is my home covered?

Your policy protects you wherever you practice. Typically, a homeowner’s policy will not cover your liability for a work-related incident. Even if your Homeowners policy covers  slip and fall liability, it does not provide you professional liability. If you have questions concerning the coverage provided by your homeowner insurance company, please contact your homeowner's agent for clarification.

  Does my policy cover personal property in my workspace?

This policy does not include coverage for personal property or the contents inside your works space. Property coverage can be done through a local provider. The General Liability included in this coverage does cover property damage to the building structure if the damage done is a result of the practitioner’s actions.

  I do distance work. How is that covered?

If you are in the U.S. while performing distance work, you will have coverage, no matter where the client is as long as the lawsuit is brought in the United States.

  Are public speaking events and retreats covered?

Our policy covers the practitioner for their professional activities with participants during and directly related to a session, workshop or training of their approved modality. Additional activities outside of the session or training fall outside the intended scope of this policy. This coverage is sufficient if you are speaking at someone else’s event.

The activities involved with hosting an event/ retreat/ workshop such as lodging, travel and meals, facility rental, hiring staff, etc. would fall outside the scope of the policy. Additional educational topics or activities not related to energy medicine, healing or health would also be outside the scope of the policy. If you are planning to host these types of events, a business policy is recommended to cover those aspects of your business.

  I use a device in my practice. Is that covered?

EMPA professional and general liability insurance covers the insured in their work with clients within the scope of modalities stated on the website. It does not cover liability arising from the function or malfunction of a device used to effect treatment. Liability for devices used goes back to the product manufacturer of the device. Coverage for the device itself (property) can likely be obtained through a local property or business policy. Your local insurer should be able assist you.

  I am a minister. Are ministerial services covered?

No, this policy would cover only the coaching or spiritual guidance aspects of ministry.

  Is my online course covered?

Digital services that are recorded sessions or recorded training sessions made by and featuring only the insured offering information that would normally be provided in a regular live session or live training would be covered under this policy. Coverage does not include ownership of included content and does not extend to other individuals included in the recording. An informed consent, disclosure and disclaimer needs to be obtained for all participants.

Participants will be provided with disclosures about the course and provider, disclaimer about educational nature of the program and that it is not intended as medical treatment or to diagnose or prescribe treatment, informed consent is the participant's acknowledgement and acceptance of this information. It is the responsibility of the insured to obtain proper release and permission from all participants appearing in the video or digital service to be offered. Courses offering coaching should include a disclaimer about the educational nature of the program that includes the statement that they are not intended as legal or financial advice.

  I create my own products. Are these covered?

A product that you make falls outside the scope of this policy. We do not cover liability for a product you produce, whether in a session or for sale.

We cover you for the use of products you use in your service, but the product manufacturer is responsible for liability arising from their product. Any claim with regard to a product used would need to be made against that product manufacturer’s liability coverage, not our coverage.

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